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Overview: Loop, combination in-land and river route south of St Clair

Time: 55 minutes

Distance: 11 mile loop

Level: Easy

Trail Surface: Asphalt/Concrete

Ride with GPS:

Amenities - Restrooms, Drinking Fountain, Bike Repair Station, Lodging, Campground, and Food

For seasonal amenities in East China Twp Park please visit the East China Twp Park Website

The bike ride consists of mostly  SIDEPATHS, with some OFF-ROAD TRAILS, LOCAL ROAD ROUTES and BUSY ROAD ROUTES.


  • 11-mile Loop
  • Ample parking and amenities in East China Twp Park
  • Enjoy riverfront parks, dining, and shopping in St Clair
  • Ice Cream stop on M-29 just south of St Clair on the river route
  • St Clair Boat Harbor now offers a campground
  • Visit the St Clair Trail Town Page to learn more

Parking and Trail Access

South End: East China Twp Park – 701 Recor Road, East China, MI 48054
Access the parking lot from Recor Road, west of M-29. Access the trail by following the pathway that winds to the west end of the park and then continue south over the wooded bridge toward Marine City. Amenities include drinking fountain, bike repair station and restrooms.

North End: Riverview Plaza Shopping Mall – 201 N Riverside Ave, St Clair, MI 48079
Park at the south end of the parking lot. Bike Ride begins 4-block south of the parking lot at Clinton Ave. Additional parking may be found on-street or at Palmer Park.

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